Organizational Tips for Speakers – Get More Done With All You Do

We are all so busy these days and perhaps none more so than speakers who are constantly on the road traveling or preparing for their next speaking event. Between the travel, running their speaking business, and preparing for events, it can be a daunting task. That’s why it is so important to be organized; you then get the most out of everything and can concentrate more on the money-money opportunities. You might also consider utilizing the assistance of an online support specialist who can take over many of the tasks we mention below.Here are our best organizational tips for speakers:Traveling – Whether you travel often or just occasionally, being organized will save you time and energy, and allow you to focus on being the best speaker you can be. From planning your trips to making sure you have everything you need while there, organization is crucial. And it’s so much more than just keeping checklists to ensure you have everything, although that is critical to the success of the trip. You need to see that your speech is prepared, the materials arrive on time, all of your audio and/or video needs are taken care of and are working properly, and so forth.Again, it might be best to just turn those tasks over to an online support specialist who can book the travel, prepare the PowerPoint presentations, get audio and video established, and even assist with marketing the event. You can then relax and concentrate on being great on stage.If you’d rather do it yourself, organizational tips include:
Utilizing the same travel booking method each time you travel so you become familiar with that service and understand all that is involved.
When preparing for the event, prepare template PowerPoint presentations where all you need is to insert the new information. This makes it easy to create, but also ensures all branding remains consistent.
Use your online calendar when you set the date and use it to prepare for the event by marking the dates certain tasks need to be completed. This ensures nothing slips through the cracks.
As far as materials, take advantage of online tools and “cloud technology” to have everything you need readily available.
Use Online Tools – Basecamp, DropBox, GoogleDocs, etc., are just a few of the online tools you need to be using on a regular basis. They allow you to keep all your correspondence and documents together, share them with others, and have access to them anywhere. When traveling, this can relieve a lot of the stress simply because you are able to retrieve documents easily. It also allows your team to update your files as needed while you are out on the road – ensuring that you always have the most current file on hand.See how much more you can accomplish when you are organized. Whether traveling or not, you get more done and the results are so worth it. If you believe an online support specialist can help, let us know. We would be happy to show you how we can help you organize, manage and grow your speaking business.